Prediction Maroszan to win ATP Shanghai



Methode A : 0.25%

Methode B : 0.325%

Play him in each way.
Why not consider Maroszan? The style of tennis he’s playing is very aggressive, with a lot of winners, and it depends on his form with regard to unforced errors.



This year he defeated Alcaraz, De Minaur and Ruud. He seems to be a big game player
He’s actually in the quarterfinals now. If he’s able to beat Hurkacz, which will not be easy at all, just check out the variance and the dropshots Maroszan plays; it’s quite impressive. This might trouble the game of Hubbie.

If he manages to defeat Hurkacz, he might face either Shelton or Korda.



Korda can be very inconsistent and doesn’t fare well against aggressive players like Maroszan. Shelton will be different; it’s quite challenging to gauge Shelton’s true potential.



For this odd, I’m not even doubting. Remember the odd of @71 last year. Things can go quickly in tennis


Maroszan to win ATP Shanghai @46 in each way