BSP Elite Club

Private space that regroups all most ambitious, well-educated and experienced members of our community who benefit from our algorithm

The three pillars of the Elite Club


The algorithm centralize all the most important data in order to spot the best mispriced opportunities

Targeting lower league’s

The algorithm targets lower league competitions because bookmakers have few information about these games and misprice frequently their odds 

Comparing bookmakers

The algorithm compares the odds of all bookmakers to find the highest odd


Amount of bets

1668 €




2000 €

Start capital

3668 €

Actual capital

50 €



Average odd

*Updated every two weeks

How to accede to the Elite club?

It’s important for us to bring same minded people together to get the best results as possible.

Being part of the elite club requires mindset, consistency, and punctuality.

All these requirements will be discussed during our call.