Frequently Asked Questions

We basically offer two services: a course which will lead you through everything you need to know to become a profitable sports bettor and we have also our own pick service. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to purchase.

The bookmakers set the odds thanks to algorithms and statistics made by traders. Our goal is to be stronger than them by betting on the right odds.
For this purpose, a lot of data and variables are analyzed every day.
Predictions are mostly based on different factors as sports betting models, consulting different sport related sources and models that calculate expected value. How we analyze the games and the working order are also available in the course.

We usually post our predictions in the beginning of the afternoon. We can’t publish them earlier because we must wait for the last information to make our final decision. This obviously depends on the time zone where each competition of each discipline takes place. The best way to follow our bets, is to download the app, in order to receive a notification for every published bet

No, our predictions are reserved for our paying subscribers. However, we regularly post free predictions on our social media. Subscribe to our networks to be notified when a public prediction is posted!

We only focus on tennis and football. In our opinion the most profitable sports. It’s difficult to find profitable consistent tippers for each sport. That’s why we keep it simple and profitable.

Bankroll management is the key of sports betting. It’s a term used to describe managing the funds you have available to play. It determines which stakes and games you can play while limiting your chances of going broke. The bankroll management we’ve been using for years, is posted on our website.

No, following our predictions is available to anyone over 18, with or without experience. Anyone can copy our predictions with their phone. We also offer a course to teach you everything to become a profitable sports bettor.

Our offers are all without commitment. You can unsubscribe from your profile area.

A sports betting model is a system that can identify unbiased picks to determine the probability for all outcomes in a certain game. It will help you to define where the value is lying.

No, all our models are easy to understand. All models are made in google spreadsheets, you don’t need any extra mathematical knowledge to understand our betting models.

After subscribing to one of our packages, you will receive the link of the telegram channel through mail. If you didn’t receive the mail, just send us a message on our social’s.

If you don’t find the answer to your questions, contact us through mail or on our social media platforms. Our team will answer you within 24h.