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Understanding the importance of emotions is one thing, learning how to use it is quite another


Winner’s mindset

The true winner’s mindset is one that analyzes every event that happens from mathematical, logical and critical standpoint.



If you are able to recognize odds that are set too high, you have the opportunity to take advantage of them


Sports betting models

The best sports betting tools to highlight profitable betting opportunities by being more accurate than a bookmaker


Pre-match analysis

Effective pre-match working order analysis is needed to make the most accurate bets


Betting plan

Repeating the same process each time again and again establishes consistency of behavior and performance

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15 Hours




1.1   My story

1.2  The reason behind the sports betting course

1.3  Overview course

1.4  Expectations and identity

2.1   What is sportsbettting?

2.2  Different players on the sports betting market

2.3  Sportsbetting in numbers

3.1   Identifying today’s problem 

3.2  The science behind sports betting (Dopamine in sports betting and gambling)

3.3  The hooks of the bookmakers 

4.1   Calculating the Odds and Implied Probability
4.2  Why do odds move? 
4.3  What is value?
4.4  Different types of betting 

5.1   Introduction to Mindset

5.2  Losses are part of betting

5.3 The dangers of greed 

5.4  Loss Aversion 

5.5  Key components of a winner’s mindset 

5.6  Developing a betting plan

6.1   Introduction to a sports betting model 

6.2  Elo model 

6.3  Point based model 

6.4 Tennis betting model

6.5  Football betting model 

7.1  The basics of tennis 

7.2 Tour calendar 

7.3  Important tennis factors 

7.4  How to read tennis statistics

7.5  Best tennis lines bookmakers

7.6  Pre-match analysis tennis

8.1   Principles of effective match analysis
8.2  Best football lines bookmakers
8.3  Pre-match analysis football

9.1   Introduction

9.2  Study case Wimbeldon  – 10.07.2022

9.3  Study case ATP 250  – 13.07.2022

9.4  Study case ATP 250 – 14.07.2022

9.5  Study case ATP 250 – 15.07.2022

9.6  Study case ATP 500 – 20.07.2022

9.7  Study case ATP 500 – 21.07.2022

9.8  Study case ATP 500 – 23.07.2022

9.9  Study case ATP 250 – 24.07.2022

9.10  Explanation point betting 

9.11  Study case point betting – 23.05.2022

9.12  Study case point betting – 26.05.2022

10.1   Elite club overview

BSP is your one-stop shop to learn all you need about the sports betting industry

BSP is your one-stop shop to learn all you need about the sports betting industry

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All the knowledge you need to become a profitable sports bettor

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1 year of bets

Detailed analyses

Bankroll calculator

Premium ICQ channel

Sports betting models

Unlimited access masterclass

40+ videos of content

Study cases

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