Sports betting models

The most important tools you need to spot value in the market

Perhaps the main reason why it is so difficult to win at sports betting is the fact that the human brain is simply not programmed to handle the situations and challenges that arise from this activity.

I can guarantee you, you can be someone who’s watching a lot of sports, has a lot of knowledge about sports betting but if you can’t manage your emotions and spot value in the market, you’re dead.

A lot of bettors make their selection based on sentiments or emotions.

Typical mistakes people make who lose at sports betting

It will help you to upgrade your sports betting game

If you ever want to be profitable in sports betting, it’s necessary to use sports betting models. 

A sports betting model is a system that can identify the probability of all outcomes in a certain game.


Bookmakers use them to set the odds and successful sports bettors use them to spot mispriced opportunities in the sports betting markets.


Through the use of statistics, spreadsheets and databases, the model should bring a more accurate picture of a player/team’s potential or ‘form’ than the odds given by bookmakers


To summarize ; the goal of a model is to highlight profitable betting opportunities by being more accurate than a bookmaker

Benefits of sports betting models


All these sports betting models and algorithms will be the first step to solve your betting problems.


They will help you to make faster and more accurate decisions based on numbers and data


It will help you to spot mispriced odds (odds that are way to high compared to the value of the outcome)


It gives you a chance to project the probabilities of outcomes by being more accurate than a bookmaker


They will save you a lot of time during your pre-match analysis


It will help you to make your own winning bets

What do we offer?

To be clear, we’re not competing against humans but against algorithms. Algorithms that become better and better every year which makes it difficult to beat them .
That’s why we use different metrics in our sports betting models. Metrics that will help us to beat the bookmakers in the long run.

We created sports betting models in tennis and footbal

The tennis betting models consists of different metrics as :

The football betting models consists of different metrics as :

In one sentence : all the most important data you need to know to make the best betting decisions

Since I’ve implemented the sports betting models in my pre-match analyses, I can clearly see a progress in my results.
If you’re ready to use new tools to level up in your sports betting game, use this.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how often your specific betting model can identify value in the market which will definitely help you to be profitable in sports betting

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